Health Tip of the Day: Lemons!

As I’ve mentioned previously, I believe maintaining a healthy lifestyle contributes profusely to happiness, because of the way healthy eating influences mood.

Today’s health tip of the day is….*duh duh duh*…lemons!

Or, more specifically, lemon water (many experts say it’s great to drink hot water with lemon juice; I don’t know the difference between hot and cold water and lemon juice, so do what you think is best!)

Increasing consumption of lemon water has a wide variety of health benefits including:

  • The energizing effect of vitamin C (the juice of 1 lemon yields over 30% of the recommended daily amount of vitamin C)
  • aids digestion
  • naturally aids many mild illnesses (colds, fever)
  • protects the immune system
  • purifies the blood
  • great to stimulate the liver and detox
  • antioxidants that fight to prevent many diseases such as different types of cancer

So go grab some lemons! For an added plus, add some ginger into your concoction!

What’s a health tip of yours?


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