Write yourself a thank you note!

It’s that time in the semester, at least in my college community, in which everyone is uber stressed out, worrying about the couple weeks before thanksgiving break. Most people are SLAMMED with work.

In stressful atmospheres such as these, its super easy to get down on yourself; that critical voice in the back of your head doesn’t seem to shut up!

“You should have done better on that test” “Why didn’t you pull an allnighter” “Why did you go out last night” “You’re so stupid. No wonder you didn’t get an A”

Can I get an amen?!?!?!?

Enough is enough.

So, if you are anything like college students right now, you are feeling the stress. Take a break from the critical voice for a second and write yourself a thank you note.

Pretend you are a friend, writing a letter to you. What would you say? What would you thank yourself for? Your hard work? Your compassion? Your fun spirit? Write it down! And then post it somewhere you will see it.

Do ittttt!



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