This Holiday Season: Exercise Gratitude!

Here are some tips and tricks to exercise gratitude this holiday season!

  1. Try a gratitude journal: everyday think of 1-5 things you are grateful for.
  2. Post a visual reminder on your bulletin board
  3. If you are religious or spiritual, print out or highlight prayers or passages from your chosen religion or spirituality that highlight gratitude
  4. Write some thank-you notes to friends and family, thanking them for whatever you appreciate from them!
  5. Take a day to celebrate yourself: what are you good at? what do your friends/family love about you? what do you love to do? what makes you happy? Express gratitude to yourself!
  6. Start a “gratitude list”: list everything you are grateful for, and add to the list whenever you think of something new.
  7. Tell people how and why you appreciate them!
  8. Practice gratitude in tough situations: lots of traffic on your way to work? be grateful for the opportunity to listen to your favorite tunes! Miss your bus? Be grateful for the opportunity to talk to someone new! Lose someone in your life? Be grateful for the opportunity to branch out and meet new people! (you get the point)
  9. Look at life through a child’s eyes: look at the world as if for the first time, paying attention to your senses, living in the moment. What does the moment smell, look, and taste like?

What do you do to exercise gratitude?


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