A Case of the Mondays?!








Mornings are my favorite time of the day. I love going to bed early (when possible of course, I am a college student!!!) and waking up early. Mornings are a fresh start to life, a time when the whole world is still asleep! Its a great time for solitude, focus, and optimism.

I love waking up with the sight of the first sun rays beaming through my window, or even, if up early enough, a glorious sunrise. Those moments are truly magical, if we can learn to appreciate them (which is hard sometimes, I know!).

Having a hard time finding optimism in the morning?!?! Try one of these options to change your tune:

  • Start the morning with an entry into your gratitude journal: even writing just one thing down that you are grateful for can make a world of difference
  • Meditate for 5 minutes: preferably some sort of meditation involving new beginnings or sunshine
  • Get up 30 minutes earlier, and actually enjoy your coffee, and do something you love (newspaper anyone?!)
  • Morning  yoga!
  • Blast some tunes and dance: LADY GAGA
  • Reach for the sky when you get out of bed: this works, trust me. Just try it.
  • Morning affirmation
  • Eat a deliciously healthy breakfast: my favorite is a veggie omelet with spinach, cheese, tomatoes and green onions!
  • Inspirational youtube video or quote (consult my “inspiration wednesday” archive if you like!)
  • Focus and review the day ahead: if you are a listmaker, write a list. If not, just run through it in your mind. This can give your day a bit more focus and can be totally de-stressifying
  • 10 minute walk: take in the beauty around you by focusing on your senses (breathing, smelling, etc.)



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