Book Review: The How of Happiness

how_of_happinessMy happiness seminar ended this past semester (sad face), and I have finished the book we used in the seminar, The How of Happiness. For those interested, here is my review of the book:


Based on scientific research, The How of Happiness outlines happiness strategies aimed at helping the reader take control of his or her well-being. The book includes self-tests guided to measure personal happiness, “happiness activities” that fit with personal temperament and strengths, and more. Happiness activities include strategies such as practicing  gratitude, cultivating optimism, flow activities, nurturing social relationships, committing to goals, and practicing acts of kindness.

My take

I definitely enjoyed this book. Point blank: it is a great book for individuals who want practical, hands-on happiness “strategies”– the book allows the reader to really take control of their own well-being through the implementation of the strategies. I appreciated the activities, and had a fun time experimenting with different activities weekly through my seminar, and seeing which activities affected me the most and which did the least. I also liked the variety of activities-there is definitely something for everyone in the book.

Another cool thing about the book is that it can definitely be skipped around in. It is not written in a manner that requires the reader to read from cover to cover–individuals can pick and choose what sections are most relavent to themselves, and pursue those activities and chapters. In this way, the book can be catered to the individual and their unique happiness journey.

So: buy this book if you want a hands-on, practical approach to happiness (not theoretical) to implement in your own life!


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