5 Easy Vegan Breakfast Ideas

imagesWhile I am no vegan (I’m vegetarian), I try to eat low on the dairy side of things. Vegan breakfasts are a great way to change it up, and start your morning off with a healthy, high energy meal.

  1. Tofu scramble. This is great, especially if you have some extra time in the morning. Throw in some tofu crumbles and your favorite veggies into a saute, and you are totally set! Soooooo goooood.
  2. Green smoothie with fruit salad. Green smoothies are a FABULOUS way to start the day. I like to supplement them with either a bowl of fruit or a granola bar, so that I’m not starving an hour later.
  3. Avocado spread on whole-wheat toast or bagel. To those non-vegetarians who like bagels with cream cheese in the morning: why not substitute avocado?! Way healthier and oh so good.
  4. Breakfast Burrito. This is the best. Beans, rice, tofu, veggies. Yuuuuuuuum.
  5. Oatmeal. Try it with some almond milk and maple syrup.

P.S. Add a side of heaping potatoes made the night before, for a super hearty side to any breakfast.

What do you like for breakfast?


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