Save Time on Your Healthy Meals This Week!

One of the main challenges surrounding around leading a healthy lifestyle is time. Take it from me, the super busy college student working 12+ hours a day, with barely enough time to make myself dinner.

I’ve found that time is no excuse, though! They key is to plan ahead, and take some time on a Saturday afternoon (or whenever) to make a bulk meal, and get some food organized for the week ahead:

  • Make a huge thing of beans and rice. These are so versatile: you can throw together a burrito bowl with avocado/veggies/sour cream/tofu, or throw together a casserole.
  • Make a bulk meal of some sort (chilli, lentil soup, etc) over the weekend that can be eaten at random and heated up during the week.
  • Potatoes (including sweet potatoes) are super fast, cheap, and FILLING.
  • Stock up on frozen veggies and tofu before the week ahead, for an easy stir-fry meal to throw on top of your already made rice OR sauteed for a veggie wrap with avacado/beans/rice/etc OR a quick side to any meal. Takes 10 minutes tops!
  • Stock up on a raw greens (spinach/kale/spring mix) and throw together a healthy salad with any meal.
  • Nuts and granola bars. Super fast snack you can grab on the go!

What do you do to save time during the week?


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