7 Life Lessons I’m Learning from Running


I’ve been running 4X a week now for a good couple months. And while I’m still a newbie at this whole running business, I’m still finding that running is turning my life in positive directions, even in this short amount of time.

Above all, I’m realizing more and more that running is coinciding with many elements in my every-day life, and teaching me life lessons:

Running is a metaphor for life

More and more I’m learning that in running, as in life, it’s easy to get discouraged. That next mile becomes difficult. I feel a dull pain in my quad. A shortness of breath. A stitch. The easy way out is to give up. In life however, what separates the ordinary people form the extraordinary is plainly simple: it’s attitude. It’s the choice to pull through. Push myself. Keep treading. Pull through life’s struggles and be stronger and happier for it. It’s the choice to become the person I want to be and create the life I want, instead of walking around with my head in the ground defeated. It’s attitude!

I can accomplish more than I think I can

Every time I run a little further, run a little faster, I surprise myself. The countless times I go into my run with one goal in mind and then find the power to surpass it, I am reminded of how little I really know about my potential. And that I constantly underestimate myself.

Slow progress is still progress

If you’re anything like me, you’re hard on yourself. You have this lofty version of the person you want to be (or the length/time you want to run!), and get frustrated when reality doesn’t align with your vision. And while progress may not be evident daily or even weekly, what will become evident is your long-term progress. Look back a couple months down the road and see how far you’ve come. I guarantee the progress will be impressive.

I’m powerful, strong, and capable

Every time I run an extra mile or pass a previous time, I feel all-powerful and strong. That feeling transcends into my everyday life, and inspires me to be better, stronger, and more capable.

The past is in the past

Through running, I can leave the past behind me. In the same way I fly past my starting point on the trail, so do I leave the past struggles behind me until they are no more.

Self-talk is powerful

In running, positive self-talk is the push that enables me to run the extra mile or the faster time. It pushes me through the end of the run when I am the most self-doubting and exhausted. It is what separates a faster time from a slower one. As in running, so in life: self-talk is what can separate success from failure.

Dare to be excellent

Running inspires me to give nothing but my best, to continually push myself, and strive for excellence. It shows me that I am somebody, I can be better, and I will do great things.

“Running is the greatest metaphor for life, because you get out of it what you put into it.” –Oprah Winfrey

To the runners out there: what have you learned from running?


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