And…a thing called graduation happened.

Me with a good friend on graduation day!

Me with a good friend on graduation day!

I’m back!

After my most demanding semester of my whole college career, I now have a nifty slip of paper telling me I graduated!

I have a paid internship potentially leading to a great job lined up, and with weekends open all summer, I can confidently say I will be back in the whole blogging business.

This past year has been a roller coaster ride, filled with plenty of ups but also some downs, after which I can confidently say I’ve become a much better and stronger person.

Overall this past year I’ve learned:

Healthy eating, exercise, and a healthy social life  make up a little triangle resulting in happiness, that each affect and influence one another: if you have 2 corners of the triangle in line, the last corner falls into place.

Tough times are the perfect opportunity to grow and build your character.

Friends mean everything. Don’t forsake them.

Make time to do what you love and count your blessings.

Putting your own happiness and mental health first is not selfish.

Confidence is the secret to all successes. Fuel confidence with happiness and gratitude.

Above all I can say: the best is yet to come (:

And congratulations, class of 2013!


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