Summer Gratitude List

1. A cold beer outside on a warm day beer

2. Frozen yogurt, iced coffee, cold smoothies

3. Sitting outside at a coffee shop, headphones in world out, blogging to my heart’s content

4. Outdoors with music high, good company surrounding me

5. Concerts outdoors, on the lawn Grilled-vegetable-skewers-599

6. Cookouts (vegetarian food of course!)

7. Of course, swimming

8. Biking on a beautiful day

9. Weekend trips into Washington D.C.

10. Waterfronts on cool summer nightswaterfront

11. Blue skies, sunshine

12. Farmers markets!

13. Weekend festivals

14. Summer reading

15. New summer projects

16. Weekend roadtrips with best friends Going-on-a-road-trip-for-a-sports-event

17. Fireworks in the back yard

18. A cool evening breeze

19. Slip and slides!!

20. Fun carnival outings with friends (seriously…when are prizes and rides not a blast?!)

21. Ice cream sundaes Ice-CreamSundae

22. Flying a kite

23. Picnics, fill with amazing vegetarian food and wine/beer

24. Howling at the moon on a warm summer night

25. Bonfires!


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