Sometimes…What’s Right for You Doesn’t Makes Sense to Anyone but Your Best Friend

I’ve been thinking a lot about conventionality, ever since graduating college.

I was one of the lucky ones…graduated with honors, good grades, good work experience, landed a job at a promising company as an intern with a probable job offer upon completion.

The problem? I hated every second.

Don’t get me wrong – the people were nice, and the company treated its employees very well – free food, good pay, and a positive and friendly work environment.

Everyone around me was sympathetic of my situation, but seemed to lose patience.

“Everyone hates their first job”

“Give it time”

“Be grateful you HAVE a job in this economy”

BUT the gut feeling never went away. The gut feeling got louder and louder and louder until I turned in my notice, and quit.

Next weekend, I start a new job as a teaching assistant in the public school system in my old college town. Why?

Because my gut told me to do so.

Sometimes, you need to follow your gut. Hear that voice getting louder and louder? Listen to it. Even if that means forgoing conventional wisdom about what you’re SUPPOSED to do. There is no right or wrong when it comes to life decisions. Even if no one but your best friend understands, sometimes what’s right for you is just that – right for you.


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