My Favorite Healthy Lifestyle Phone Apps


I’m a minimalist when it comes to technology – I’m always the last to get the latest gadget, roll my eyes when the latest version of the next smartphone comes out, and most of the time see the “darker” side of technology.

That being said, I do think smartphones have revolutionized the way we stay organized, and can really be used to our advantage as resources to motivate us to accomplish goals.

I’ve also found that healthy lifestyle apps have helped me stay on track with regard to healthy eating and exercise. I probably am more on track now than I was before I had a smartphone.

Here is a list of my favorite healthy lifestyle apps:

Healthy Eating

  • Whole foods recipes: I love everything whole foods. Whenever I have extra money, that’s where I like to splurge. Their app itself is also great: the app home screen has featured recipes which are delicious, and also features a meal planner, guides, and shopping lists.
  • All recipes (I usually search with the vegetarian meal filter): You’d be surprised at the amount of recipes here. The meal spinner is a great resource for those who are likely to spend too long trying to pick a meal to make.
  • Vegan YumYum: This app is more for smaller bites, but is great for those who are looking to go vegan.
  • Green Smoothies: This app contains green smoothie recipes within different categories, such as “weight loss,” “detox,” “energy,” “health,” and “beauty.”


  • RunKeeper: This app keeps time, maps your distance, and shows calories burned. It allows the option of comparing your run with past runs if you have saved your previous workouts. This is my favorite exercise app! Simple and easy to use.
  • MapMyRun: I don’t use this app as often, but it’s a more sophisticated mapping GPS running app.

What are your favorite healthy lifestyle apps?


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