Find Happiness Within, Do Not Seek it Without

I do a lot of writing about “happiness boosts”: actions/activities/lifestyle factors that I have found to “boost” my personal happiness levels.

Actions such as exercise, healthy eating, and paying someone a compliment. Activities such as engaging in conversation, reading, or doing yoga. Lifestyle factors such as maintaining healthy living.

While these are all fine and good, and it is true that engaging in these activities and actions does in fact boost mood and bring life meaning, there is a fine line between depending on these things to feel happy and using these actions to fulfill life.

The latter is the healthy alternative.

We should be using our lifestyle choices, hobbies, social life, and altruistic behaviors to bring meaning to our life and hence make our lives fulfilled, but we should not be solely depending on them.

Our happiness does not depend upon the number of friends we have, how healthy we eat, how far we run, or any other factor.

Our happiness rests upon one thing: ourselves, and it is found within us.

“Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.” –Buddha


3 thoughts on “Find Happiness Within, Do Not Seek it Without

  1. Your post is very motivating. I am helping people who are having a hard time finding their happiness and slowly it’s starting to affect me.

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