And… the Technology Pessimist Becomes an Evernote Addict

download“Men have become the tools of their tools.” –Henry David Thoreau

This is a story of how the technology pessimist became an Evernote addict.

I used to spend big slots of time typing up to-do lists on my computer, or writing out hard copies and sticking them on the door of my apartment. I’d run out the door, and forget what I had written down.

I used to write-up grocery lists on stickie notes, stick it in my purse, and then would lose the note in my purse.

I used to have some reminders written in my phone, some in the gmail task list, and would forget the difference between the two.

I used to always jot down ideas/websites/books etc I saw on the go in my school planner, and then forget I had written them down there.

And… then I found Evernote.

So what is this magical app?

At its simplest, it is a productivity app that allows you to write up notes and organize them in virtual “notebooks.” The real beauty in this app, however, is its ability to combine several tools into one, and its ability to help you organize everything into one spot. You can record audio into your notes, insert pictures into your notes, insert documents into your notes, and even turn the notes into to-do lists.

Why is this so great? It allows you to use multiple facets to improve documentation, productivity, and organization on the go. Say you’re at a workshop lecture. Use the camera feature to take a picture of the program, and use the audio feature to record the lecture. Don’t have a pen handy to write down the email of the speaker? Take a picture of the business card, and insert it into your note. This is just one example of the numerous ways you can use Evernote to help you stay organized and document information. Be creative!

Tips and Tricks

  1. Subcategorize notebooks. I organize mine around 1) Goals and Productivity, 2) Bookclub, 3) Finances, and 4) Learning. I stick notes related to each category in that notebook.
  2. Make use of the special features. Use the audio, camera, and webclipping tools.
  3. Download Evernote for your computer. This is my favorite perk of Evernote! When you download Evernote on your computer, you are then able to sync the Evernote on your phone with the Evernote on your computer so you have the same information on both.
  4. Attach files. Working on a worddoc on your computer you want access to? Insert it into an Evernote note.

What do you love about Evernote? What are some of your favorite tips and tricks?


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