Take a Step Back to Simplicity

It seems our world gets more and more complex with every hour that passes. Before a minute has even passed, Apple comes out with the next iPhone. There’s another update that needs to be downloaded onto our smartphone. There’s the iPod, then the iPad, then the Kindle, then the Nook.

We’re constantly moving from one responsibility to the next, first a meeting, then another meeting, then work, then… (fill in the blanks).

But how many of these things are actual necessities? How many of these things are actually essential to our lives?

So many irrelevant obligations that just take away valuable energy.

When did people begin deriving status from running around from thing to thing to thing instead of staying focused on what REALLY matters?

I’m all about subtracting these days.

Subtracting people who don’t deserve to be in my life. Subtracting activities that don’t fulfill me. Subtracting social events that aren’t going to better me in some way. Subtracting the things that aren’t essential to what makes me, me.

And, I’m finding that busy does not equal fulfilled.

What makes me fulfilled is spending more time on fewer things. Putting all my energy into my job that I love. Putting all my effort into a small group of people who really matter, and are positive, genuine influences on my life. Putting effort into a small amount of activities that fulfill me, such as my bookclub and cooking with my best friend.

I propose a step back from the chaos, and a step towards simplicity and focus. Putting more energy into fewer things, rather than putting little effort into many things. To subtract anything that does not really matter, and focus only on what does.

Simplicity, and only simplicity is key.


2 thoughts on “Take a Step Back to Simplicity

  1. Yes, yes, yes! What a great post and I have been feeling exactly the same way lately!! I have been reflecting on some of the things I do or say yes to and thinking… Wait, why? Is that really something that is going to impact my life in a positive way? I will definitely be reflecting on your post! Thank you!! 🙂

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