7 Ways to Cultivate Joy Today

inexpressible_joyJoy is like a powerful spark, it starts as a small flame from within and once cultivated, it becomes bigger and bigger ascending to everything around you.

As such, I’ve found that the best way to cultivate this joy is to begin from within. Here are 10 ways to cultivate joy daily.

1. Begin your day with a meditation.

The truly amazing thing about meditation is its ability to connect you to your inner-self. When you sit quietly, focusing on your breath and feeling the energy that exists within, it’s difficult to think negatively and to feel anything other than the joy that exists within.

2. Second your day with a mindful walk.

Similar to #1, walking mindfully is a wonderful centering activity, that brings you back to your inner self. If you focus on your breath, the energy within you and the energy that exists in nature, it becomes hard to feel downtrodden or negative.

3. Read.

Research shows that reading cultivates compassion and mental energy. Those who read regularly have been found to not only feel better about themselves, but also remain more productive throughout the day.

4. Acts of kindness.

Now that your inner self is revived through steps 1-3, spread the love to others. Nothing cultivates joy more than reflecting the joy found within through kind actions to others.

5. Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude.

To often, our energy is focused on the things we don’t have. Turning this outlook around can be truly empowering. Try this: picture everything you have in your life (such as your apartment/house, friends, job, etc.) and then imagine it gone. This exercise can be a true mind-opener.

6. Find time to do what you love.

Life is too short to spend it focused on things you don’t love. It is important to find the thing in which you completely lose yourself – and put your energy into that.

7.  Simplify.

Sometimes, unhappiness and stress can come from the fact that our minds are too scattered on too many irrelevant things. The key is to simplify: find the most important things in your life and focus on those when possible; subtract everything else.


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