30 Simple Things to Bring Back Your Joy

1. A gingerbread latte at Starbucks

2. A smile

3. A cloudy day, in which you stay indoors with a book or TV marathon

4. Your favorite song, played over and over

5. A stickie note, with a word of encouragement

6. A cup of coffee in the morning

7. Pause and stillness

8. A drive to nowhere

9. Hot tea and a book

10. The hug of a good friend

11. Music from your favorite band

12. Lying on a hammock

13. Skinny dipping

14. Someone pulls out of the perfect parking spot right as you drive up

15. A sunrise, a sunset

16. People watching in hipster coffee shops

17. The smell of clean laundry

18. A small act of kindness

19. A ripple in the water

20. Having genuine small talk with the cashier who gives you your coffee

21. A rainbow

22. The smell right before it begins to rain

23. Wool socks on your feet, right in front of a fire

24. Staying up all night to work on a passionate self project

25. Dark chocolate on your tongue

26. “Here comes the sun” by the Beatles

27. The wagging tail of a dog

28. Long iPod walks

29. Meditating under a trea

30. Running in the rain

Got more simple things? Comment below (:


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