Hippy Healthy Living Insights are Finally Going Mainstream

Ipomoea_stir_fryIt was not terribly long ago that vegetarians, vegans, yogis, meditators, and otherwise green-livers were labeled as so weird.

I remember when I first switched to a vegetarian 75% plant-based diet a little over 4 years ago, that people gave me some of that.

“You’re vegetarian? What?! So do you eat fish?”

I don’t get that a lot anymore.

With the outbreak of trends such as Meatless Monday, Michael Pollan, The China Study, Forks Over Knives, and the scientific findings of meditation and yoga, more and more people are finally jumping on board.

Woohooo! I could jump for joy. Literally. Healthy living makes me that happy.

Trends that I’ve seen reported on the news include:

1. Yoga

More and more individuals are coming out and proclaiming how yoga has saved them from illness, pain, and stress. When I extracted carpal tunnel from a horrible desk job, I did yoga for carpal tunnel regularly to ease my pain and help me recover faster.

2. Meditation

Companies are now beginning to offer meditation benefits to employees. For example, GOOGLE. Yeah, I know. I was surprised too.

3. Side effects of hormonal birth control

I remember when birth control was never discussed. It was assumed that any sexually active heterosexual female was also on birth control. Other options weren’t discussed all that much. Now, this discussion is entering more into the public dialectic.

4. Benefits of plants

More and more people are noticing the positive effects that healthy eating has on their energy levels, skin, happiness, and illness. Preventative healthcare is becoming mainstream, as well as more discussions on the benefits of adding plants into your diet.

5. Gluten

Not too long ago, you had to go to a health food store to find gluten anything. Now you walk into your run of the mill supermarket, and the isles are filled with gluten-free everythings.

What are you favorite growing healthy living trends?


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