15 Easy Vegetarian Snacks

Carrots_And_CeleryBeing healthy shouldn’t be a chore, nor should it be overly complex.

I remember when I first switched to a plant-based diet; I found 2 things incredibly challenging: 1) staying full, and 2) finding simple recipes.

What I found is that the key to staying full is an abundance of healthy snacks, and relying on simple foods. That being said, here are several simple snacks you can keep on hand for when that mid-afternoon hunger comes along.

1. Tomato avocado salad

2. Kale chips

3. Nuts

4. Whole-wheat tortilla chips with guac

5. Apples and almond/peanut butter

6. Sweet potato fries

7. Rice crackers with cheese

8. Pita and hummus

9. Raw veggies and hummus

10. Hearty salad (include things like avocado, chickpeas, nuts, etc.)

11. Avocado tomato sandwich

12. Greek yogurt

13. Fresh & dried fruit

14. Trail mix

15. Tomato mozzerella melt

What are some of your favorite snacks?


3 thoughts on “15 Easy Vegetarian Snacks

  1. Hummus is definitely a favorite!! I have a couple recipes on my blog for variations I have tried. For something super quick though, I grab larabars – vegan, gluten-free, soy-free and completely natural!

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