The Technology Cynic’s 5 Favorite Productivity Apps for the New Year

anydoI admit it, I’m a technology cynic.

And another confession: I can’t operate video game units  without the help of someone else, and when I do play video games (because my friends are playing them) I get disqualified, always come in last place, and get constantly mocked by my friends.

And another confession: there are probably 500+ things I don’t know about my iPhone (like, for example I didn’t know how to screen shot until just recently).

Also: my middle school students know more about technology than I do.

I feel liberated when I take a day trip hiking over the weekend and don’t even look at technology except for picture-taking purposes.

Phew. Technology is exhausting. I’m not usually a fan.

But sometimes, there are apps so awesome, that even I fall in line.

1. Evernote

I know, I know, this one is kind of old news…but it’s the bomb.

This outwardly simple app allows you to organize a plethora of information on the go, and synch it with your computer. It has revolutionized my on the go organizing, and helped me remember where information is stored.

One word: amazing.

2. AnyDo

I use this app every single day. At its most basic sense it is a list-making app that allows you to enter in bullet points for today, tomorrow, upcoming, and someday. When you press the play function, one of your tasks appears on the screen, and you have the option of either 1) checking it off, 2) setting an alarm time to complete it, 3) postponing the task, or 4) deleting the task.

Once you complete your tasks, an addicting song rings with a motivational mantra. Too cool, right? It’s seriously addicting and motivating. I swear this app gets the credit for increasing my daily productivity.

3. Dropbox

Heard of dropbox for your computer? The free virtual external hard drive? Download this app onto your phone and you can synch with your computer, and add any of your videos or photos on your phone into your virtual dropbox.

4. Readability

Not so much an app for your phone but an app for your computer, readability is my new obsession. Readability is an app downloadable onto your computer that allows you to read articles online free from distractions. It also allows you to save articles you want to read later, download them onto your computer or kindle/tablet, and view reading trends.

Readability solved all my internet reading problems, giving me a more mindful reading experience, and removing the temptation to skim articles. Now I actually read them all the way through and experience more enjoyable online reading.

Learn more about it here.

5. CalenMob

CalenMob is a smartphone app that synchs with google calendar. It allows you to enter in events onto the calender and set alarms. Similar function to google calendar but accessible on your phone. A wonderful way to stay organized with meetings, work, and personal events.

What are your favorite productivity apps?


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