Happiness Book Review: Find Your Happy by Shannon Kaiser

download“We are in charge of our own lives and how we spend our time. You should never do something you don’t want to do. Lives are incredibly short. If it doesn’t feel right to do something then you have permission to not do it. Who cares what other people will think?” –Shannon Kaiser, Find Your Happy

I must preface this post by first stating how much I LOVE Shannon Kaiser. I’ve followed her blog, her writing on MindBodyGreen, and her various guest posts ever since I first discovered her way back when. She is also a life couch, speaker, travel writer, and founder of playwiththeworld.com. Shannon is a truly inspirational individual who does some amazing work.

Unfortunately, I was not near as impressed with her first book, Find Your Happy. Don’t get me wrong, the book has some nice messages in it – mainly centering around her thesis of living a life true to your values and following your heart – but I found it to be poorly written, full of fluff, and somewhat poorly organized. It read somewhat like a book filled with blog posts or articles, with a lack of development and true structure. I even read some typos that should have been edited more carefully. Eeek.

However poorly written though, she brings forth some interesting ideas and advice such as:

  • External clutter as a metaphor for inner chaos
  • The importance of letting go and losing expectations
  • “Relaxed” goal setting
  • Positive thinking
  • The power of visualization
  • Tips for living life more fully

So in conclusion: buy this book if you can look over the lack of structure and poor writing; buy it only to digest her ideas and tips. And, in the mean time, you can check out samples of her speaking on her blog, and check out her writing on MindBodyGreen and TinyBuddha to get more of an idea of the other inspirational work she does.


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