A Dare a Day Challenge!

I’ve been having so much success with getting outside of my comfort zone as I wrote about in my last post, that I’ve decided to take on a year-long challenge that I’ll write about at least once a month.

The challenge is simple: do one “dare” every single day, for an entire year. I’m hoping to learn the art of becoming “comfortable with discomfort.”

The dares can be small, such as changing the kind of breakfast I eat in the morning, or big, such as going on an extreme travel adventure.

Some things I’ve already crossed off my list:

  • Changed up my morning routine
  • Changed my freelance location (usually my room or a coffee shop)
  • Signed up for a new class (white water rafting)
  • Hiked somewhere new
  • Hiked alone
  • Road trip
  • Went to a movie alone
  • Socialized at work with people I don’t normally socialize with

Some things to come

  • A new hiking adventure
  • A scuba diving & caving class
  • Travel to Asheville and stay in a youth hostel (this spring)
  • Conquer small talk fears
  • Travel to Greece (someday)
  • Make amends with teetering relationships (family)
  • Instigate conflict (I’m an avid conflict-avoider at times)
  • The list goes on…

Join me with your own dare a day challenge? Post below what you will be doing to complete the challenge!


5 thoughts on “A Dare a Day Challenge!

  1. I love this! It reminds me a little bit of Jia Jiang’s 100 days of rejection. I’d love to do this with you! What’s on deck for you tomorrow? I’m hosting an event with a bunch of people I’ve never met. That’s probably a good “out of comfort zone” thing for tomorrow!

  2. I’m not aware of the 100 days of rejection, but I’ll have to check that out. I’m doing a solo hiking trip tomorrow (today)! And yes I’d definitely say that counts for out of the comfort zone, haha. And yes do it with me! Let me know how it goes!! đŸ™‚

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