7 Simple Ways to Practice Self-Love This Valentine’s Day

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Whether you love or hate Valentine’s Day, or are completely indifferent to it, Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to focus on self-love.

Self-love is all about acceptance of the pros and cons, the good the bad, the light and dark. For neither binary could exist without the other. Self-love is also about celebrating our passions, and the things we love doing or that one thing that we just can’t not do.

So today why not:

1. Pamper yourself.

Fancy a bubble bath? A pedicure? A long walk in the park?  Yoga? Meditation? Pampering means many things for many people: take some time to do whatever pampering means to you. You totally deserve it!

2. Write out a list of your pros.

Yes, there are plenty. Are you a good listener? Passionate? Thoughtful? Kind? A good friend? Write it down. Take a second to soak in your positives.

3. Add a list of your cons.

Life is not about only focusing on positives. It’s also about coming to acceptance with your negatives. Imperfection is beautiful – take a moment to accept and love your faults.

4. Spend an hour doing what you love.

Do you love to paint? Read? Do yoga? Play music? Spend an hour investing in whatever it is that gives you the most joy. Soak in that feeling of passion. This is what life should be about!

5. Meditate on your accomplishments this year.

Maybe you finished school, fell in love, cultivated the epic single existence or traveled to a new city. These are things to take pride in and celebrate today.

6. Meditate on the things you are passionate about.

Are you passionate about LGBT rights? Education? Racial justice? Music? Art? Love? Peace? These passions are a part of you just as you are of it. Remember these things today.

7. Self-love yourself in that way.

Yes, you know what I mean. You also knew I couldn’t not put that in this post. Ehem.



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