Best Places I’ve Traveled and My 20’s Travel Bucketlist

I have to admit that I haven’t traveled as much as I would have liked while I was in school – it seemed there was never enough time for travel in the midst of exams, papers, part-time jobs, friends, and college parties – but I was lucky enough to take a few trips with friends and visit some amazing places as a kid with my family.

Here are 5 of my favorite places traveled to date:

Glacier National Park

I traveled here with the family in high school. By far, this trip has stood out to me throughout my entire teenage and young adult years. Breathtaking scenery and phenomenal hikes. I would love to make it back there one day.


Boston, Biddeford, and Portland, Maine

I took a solo trip here last Spring to visit my sister in school. I spent a day exploring Boston, then two days in Biddeford and Portland exploring the University of New England campus (gorgeous) and visiting with my sister. New England is definitely one of the more under-rated travel destinations.

THIS is Biddeford, ME right on my sister's college campus. Out of this world.

THIS is Biddeford, ME right on my sister’s college campus. Out of this world.

Yellowstone National Park

Another wonderful family trip west. Yellowstone is breathtaking, complete with geysers, wonderful hiking, and stunning views.

A geyser at Yellowstone National Park

A geyser at Yellowstone National Park

Grand Tetons, Wyoming

This was another wonderful family trip complete with wonderful hikes.



New York, New York

This post wouldn’t be complete without your stereotypical college travel trip to NYC! I took this trip with my girlfriend, we spent all our savings on a cheap hotel, broadway play, and wonderful sightseeing.


Now that my school years are over, it’s time to start crossing off other places including:


Asheville, NC

Portland & Seattle

Shenandoah National park

Montreal, Canada



Grand Canyons



Honolulu, Hawaii Volcano Nat Park

Yosemite, CA

Blue Ridge Parkway

Alagnak wild river, alaska

Big Bend National Park & Austin Texas

Bryce Canyon National Park

Acadia national park, maine

 So now tell me: what’s on your travel bucketlist??!

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4 thoughts on “Best Places I’ve Traveled and My 20’s Travel Bucketlist

  1. I’ve had the pleasure of living in New York for almost two years, since I attended college there. I have also visited a few other states but I would love to visit some national sites where nature plays a big part. I come from the Caribbean so I’m a nature lover at heart. I’ve always wanted to do a European tour as well! I think you should add at least one Caribbean island to your travel bucket list!!

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