Pilot Mountain, NC: Mountain in the Sky

A couple weeks ago, I made it down to Pilot Mountain in North Carolina for some hiking (see below):


You can immediately see Pilot Mountain rising above every other landmark on I-77: a vast mountain range that looks as if it is intersecting with the sky. Pilot Mountain is also near the town of Mayberry, the historic town that the infamous Andy Griffith was based off of.

The mountain has several hiking trails, some of which travel up to the highest pinnacle, and some of which do not. We started on the mountain trail, a trail that starts right at the visiter’s center, and then connected to the Ledge Spring trail, which led us to this phenomenal view of the large pinnacle:


The Mountain Trail and Spring Ledge trail are both moderate hikes, not easy and not difficult, with no scrambling or long periods of flat ground. The hike took no longer than 3 hours round trip, in which we stopped for a bite to eat near the top toward the pinnacle overlook. If you prefer less hiking, there is also the option of driving the majority of the way up the mountain to the pinnacle overlook, an overlook that offers views of the large pinnacle, places to sit, restrooms, and phenomenal views of the mountain.

In addition to these hikes, there is also the option of taking different paths up the other side of the mountain:

  • Jomeokee
  • Little pinnacle overlook
  • Horne creek
  • Grassy ridge
  • Yadkin Islands

Overall, Pilot Mountain has something for everyone, with a wide variety of hiking and overlooks, and makes for a fun hiking and sight-seeing adventure into the mountains of North Carolina.


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