5 Things I’m Reminded of When I Step on the Yoga Mat

Yep, shameless selfie. #namaste

Yep, shameless selfie. #namaste


This winter, I’ve become a reborn yogi. It seems my work-outs change with the seasons: during the warmer months, I’m more likely to be running, and the colder months, I’m more likely to be indoors jamming to Youtube yoga extraordinaires.

I’ve loved coming back to the mat this winter: it’s brought me back to beginners eyes. Everything is new, fresh, and bubbling again.

Every time I step on the mat now, I’m reminded of these 5 things:

Everything is connected.

When you become as invested in the moment as you must be when you practice yoga, you begin to feel your connection to everything in the living world.

With every breath you take, you feel the energy that exists within everything.

A healthy body is a body in union.

Yoga is to me, more than anything about union.

There must be union of the mind and body to complete any pose. Outside of yoga, there must be union to stay healthy. This means eating those greens, getting some daily exercise and practicing self-love in order to keep your body healthy and in union.

Our thoughts lead us astray. Learning to recognize thoughts is everything.

By becoming fully invested in the moment, thoughts are easily recognized. By building a yoga practice, we are able to recognize untrue thoughts and let them go. As so many wise people have said, “change your thoughts, change your life.”

Don’t take yourself so seriously.

In yoga, it’s easy to become intimidated by more difficult poses, or poses that don’t come as naturally to our body.

It’s easy to take the poses so seriously, that we’re afraid to even attempt them. But by attempting these poses and learning to laugh at ourselves, we remember the humor. 

Let go.

This is my favorite. There is such power in letting go: letting go of too many expectations, letting go of stress, letting go of negative energy, letting go of the past.

Letting go is hard to do and takes much strength, but once it is accomplished, a weight is lifted. Yoga helps.


What is your favorite lesson learned from yoga?


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