5 Tricks to Manage Manic Mondays


This is a guest post by Kimberly McFarland.

If you’re like many of us in the working world, the word “Monday” brings on a feeling that’s a cross between hail clouds and I-shouldn’t-have-had-that-last-slice-of-pizza. Okay, maybe that’s a touch melodramatic. When you’re feeling those Monday blues looming, take these quick tips to tackle the top of the week.

1. Change the track

It’s easy to get stuck in the mindset of, “oh God, it’s Monday.” Change the tape you play in your head Sunday night and Monday morning.

Instead of dreading the hour you’re parked in rush hour (or the eight parked in front of the computer), think about the opportunities the new week holds. Tune into the work you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Even if the task at hand isn’t something you’re totally psyched on, check in with each facet and be present for all of it. And by “be present” I mean, try to avoid the one-way ticket to la-la land and instead focus on being mindful of where you are, who you’re with and what you’re doing.

If you really can’t pump yourself up for Monday, you may need to step back and think about what needs to be changed so you can. There are too many Mondays in this life for you to dread them all.

2. Mellow out pre-Monday

Make Sunday night all about being mellow. Go to bed early, or try to. (I see you, night owls.)

Set your phone to airplane mode around 8pm. Don’t start any task you can’t easily walk away from (this might not be the time to start a Walking Dead bender). Take this time to do whatever really chills you out.

Crawl into bed by 10:30pm and read or journal with a dimmer light on. Try re-reading one of your old favorites to get you into that sleepy sweet-spot. (The Sorcerer’s Stone really is the best the 10th time through.)

A restful night’s sleep will help you prepare for the week ahead, and all your favorite distractions will still be there tomorrow.

3. Make a Monday morning routine you look forward to

Who says you need to wait until the weekend for a treat?

Wake up early and take yourself to your favorite coffee shop or diner. Drive yourself to work instead of taking public transportation. Get an after work manicure. Change it up or make a simple routine, but make Monday your day.

Don’t forget to take a little time to jot down an idea for next week.

4. Spread the wealth

If you’re fueling up for a positive kick-ass Monday and you find it’s a little bit difficult, get your co-workers, roommates or friends involved.

Take turns bringing in coffee and pastries a few times a month. Nothing says happiness on a Monday morning like a warm chocolate croissant or the surprised smiles from your friends and colleagues.

Brew the pot of coffee for your family/roomies before heading off to work. Sometimes the best way to make your own day is by making someone else’s, so pay it forward with a random act of kindness.

5. Prepare, prepare, prepare.

Weekends are that sacred time where we connect with friends, family and Netflix, but let’s be real – no one wants to walk into work Monday morning and face the 10 car-pile-up that can be your inbox. This means, as nice as it is to throw your hands up and pretend email doesn’t exist, you’ve got to be organized.

Try and avoid the ticking-time bomb and take care of the little things by checking your email once or twice a day. That doesn’t mean diving right into work on your off-day, but noting situations and creating plans for the best way to get them taken care of come Monday.

Oh also, take care of that pile of clothes hiding on your closet floor so you can prevent mid-week laundry-Armageddon. Or waking up Monday morning without any clean socks.

Kimberly is a freelance writer based in the DC area, who enjoys bikes, books and blueberry scones. To connect with Kimberly, you can find her on twitter and instagram.


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