Natural Skin Care Review: Raw Honey


Photo Credit: Danny Perrez via Flickr

I recently made the switch from acne prescriptions to completely natural skin care. I’ve struggled with acne on and off since the 5th grade, thanks to my  beautiful mediterranean but oily acne-prone skin. Dermatologists were quick to put me on harsh acne medications, that I’m now convinced messed up my skin worse. The acne continued to come back, worse every time, once the traditional methods stopped working.

I immediately made a rampage through my medicine cabinet, scrutinizing every ingredient on the back of my products. Over 75% were alien to me, even on the supposed “gentle” cleanser I was currently using. So I coldterkey switched. Everything!

Holistic skincare proponents insist that using unnatural products on the skin may be a quick fix that works in the moment, but over time, these products add toxins and chemicals into your body in addition to the chemicals that your body is already fighting off daily, thanks to the chemicals that exist in many foods. Additionally, harsh drying skincare products may cause your body to begin overproducing sebum, to make up for the stripping of natural oils.

One product that I’ve added to my new natural routine is raw honey. Crazy right?

Despite what you may think, I was pleasantly surprised. Raw honey has natural antibacterial properties which help with acne buildup, as well as natural healing properties. Raw honey leaves my skin feeling super soft and gently exfoliated, even better than my last dermatologist recommended cleanser.

Benefits of Cleansing with Raw Honey

  • Natural healing and anti-bacterial properties
  • Doesn’t strip your skin of natural oils
  • Immediate softer skin
  • Gentle and nurturing
  • Cheap compared to many skincare cleansers!!!

Tips & Tricks

Raw honey is not the end-all-be-all anti-acne ingredient; I’ve found that it works best in combination with other natural products. It does its cleansing duties well, by removing dirt and bacteria, and leaving soft skin. It is best paired with a natural toner (I’m using raw apple cider vinegar), a natural spot treatment, and a natural moisturizer.

It is important to use high quality honey; the sugary pooh-like products in the grocery store will not cut it! It is important that it is raw, pure, and organic. You’d be surprised at how affordable the good stuff is, though. See the brand I use HERE.

Once you’ve purchased your high-quality raw honey, scoop out about a teaspoon onto your fingertips, add a little warm water if you need to make it more spreadable, then message it into your face the same way you would any cleanser. For best results, leave on up to 10-20 minutes (but not necessary)

Vwoila! Natural cleanser!


Other products I use

Do you follow a natural skincare regime? What products do you use?


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