6 Alternative Natural Treatments for Severe Acne


Photo Credit: Manolo for the Beauty

It’s official: I’m now a 100% hippie, now that I’ve transitioned to 100% natural homemade skincare. Top that off with my other hippie traits: organic eater, raw food lover, green smoothie eater, traveler wanna-be, and hiking adorer. I can just see my friends rolling their eyes at me.

Like I said, it’s official.

As I’ve begun experimented with natural skincare, I can only ask myself why I didn’t think about this sooner. It should be intuitive to treat an illness such as acne holistically, since acne is not only a symptom, but also a reflection of the inside of your body. If it is a reflection of the inside of your body, what sense does it make to slather chemicals on your skin when we know our bodies absorb up to 60% of what we apply to our skin?

Like I said, it makes absolutely no sense.

When I began thinking about all the chemicals my body has absorbed over the past 13 years, I was blown away. I came to the realization that my body is a miracle.

Why? Because it absorbed those harmful chemicals for 13 years as well as chemical ridden food, and the most that came out of it was a couple zits from time to time.

So back to the point: I went through mounds of natural skincare information, to find the regime that worked best for me. From that, I’m here to share with you 6 natural alternatives to your chemical-based skincare routine.

Raw Honey

I mentioned this in my last post, but raw honey is nurturing, healing, and anti-bacterial. It is also gentle, and filled with enzymes, antioxidants, and minerals. Note: this alone will not cure your huge zits, but it can help prevent them in the future.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This is the good Earth’s miracle working acne solution. I will swear by this stuff. I use it as a toner in the evenings now, and it’s worked as well as any chemicals I’ve ever used. The benefits of this stuff are many:

  • neutralizes your skin & body PH naturally, bringing it back to balance
  • dissolves dead skin cells
  • tightens pores
  • shrinks zits
  • cleans pores

You can also drink apple cider vinegar, which I do once a day (2 tablespoons). Some people even insist that the mere act of drinking ACV has improved their acne. I don’t know about that, but what I do know is that upon my second night using it I applied it to a huge cyst on my cheek, only to wake up the next morning with it shrunk by 50%. Wow.

Make sure to get the raw, organic stuff.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil can work as a spot treatment for mild-moderate acne. This stuff will not be as effective as ACV for cystic type acne, but studies have shown that a 5% tea tree oil concoction is just as effective as benzol peroxide, the major mainstream chemical used to fight acne by dermatologists.

Lemon Juice

Similarly to ACV, lemon juice is a powerful astringent. More acidic than ACV, this should not be left on longer than 15-20 minutes before you rinse it off. Use this as a spot treatment for infected areas.

Natural Oils

Contrary to what you may think, even oily skinned people need to keep their skin moisturized. The wonderful thing about natural oils is that they come from the earth, not from toxic chemicals. I’ve started using jojoba oil, which supposedly mimic’s your body’s sebum production, resulting in lowered sebum production by your body. I’ve also heard wonderful things about avocado and olive oil on the skin.

Healthy Lifestyle

This goes without saying, but more studies are finding a direct correlation between healthy living and clear skin. That’s not to say that certain people aren’t more acne-prone (like me for example, a naturally oily Greek gal), but cutting out processed foods, processed cheese, gluten breads, and high sugar can only help your skin. Soak up the raw food and smoothies when possible, and you will more than likely see positive results.


I’d love to hear your natural skincare stories. Leave in the comments below!!


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