Hippy Love in Asheville, NC


Asheville NC is a mini hipster mountain city within the state of North Carolina. Strolling downtown you are likely to see at least one person barefoot, one musician busker on every block, and one vegetarian restaurant. Asheville provides surreal mountain scenery surrounding the city, making it a prime location for outdoorsy types, hippies, health snobs, yogis, and hipsters. The town is quite quirky and filled with lots of character.

Going along with its hippy nature, it is also quite sustainable, providing many local businesses and local food.

The local perks I came to love include:

Hippy eateries and tea shops

Dobra Tea House

photo (11)

Dobra tea house was probably my favorite spot in downtown Asheville. The tea house has a bohemian feel, and contains more tea options than you’ve probably ever seen or heard of. The tea menu includes international teas from all over the world, along with a relaxing zen atmosphere. Perfect for quiet reflection or intimate conversations.

The Noodle Shop

The noodle shop was another favorite in downtown Asheville. The small restaurant featured Asian quisine with many vegetarian and vegan options. It has a cosy mellow feel, perfect for a lazy Sunday evening.

Early Girl Eatery

Early girl eatery is a quirky local restaurant that is heavily vegan and vegetarian focused. The restaurant uses all local ingredients. It has a bohemian wholesome feel, making it perfect for brunch or a hearty lunch.

Jerusalem Garden Cafe

Jerusalem Garden Cafe is a mediterranean restaurant for the Greek inside of us all. The restaurant also has a wonderful selection of wines.

Hyphen Coffeehouse 

Hyphen Coffeehouse is a fabulous little coffee shop with a wide selection of local music. In addition, it provides donation based yoga classes in the coffeehouse. Perfect for personal productivity on a Sunday afternoon, or relaxed music on a Friday evening.

Overflowing creativity on the streets

Whether it be buskers, impersonators, or artists, Asheville has all the creative types you can imagine.

unnamed (1)

unnamed (2)

unnamed (3)

unnamed (4)

unnamed (5)


photo (12)

A plethora of hiking trails and waterfalls

Scenic blue ridge parkway

Asheville is located right along the blue ridge parkway, making it a prime destination for excellent hiking. Since it rained one day I was there, I took a scenic drive along the parkway.

photo 1 (9)

Chimney Rock

Chimney rock, also famously known as the filming location of Last of the Mohicans, is a top tourist destination with phenomenal views. The state park also includes some quirky eateries and shops.

photo 2 (7)

photo 3 (6)

photo 4 (6)


All in all, I can’t wait to make it back here. There are many more vegetarian restaurants, hiking trails, and music festivals that I missed my first time around.

Now tell me: have you every been to Asheville? What did I miss?!


7 thoughts on “Hippy Love in Asheville, NC

  1. Asheville is AMAZING! I went through in January, February and March and I’m so excited to be making it my home in June! There is so much to do there! You ate at some of my favorite places! Be sure to check out the breweries the next time you go through- it’s been voted “Beer City, USA” several times! Great post!

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