Easy Ways to Generate a Positive Outlook This Spring


Photo credit: blmiers2 via Flickr

“She turned to the sunlight
    And shook her yellow head,
And whispered to her neighbor:
    “Winter is dead.”  –A.A. Milne

Spring has got to be my favorite season; like the sun after a long rain storm, the spring is a positive burst after a long winter. Pleasant weather makes people more cheerful, encouraging them to be more active and robust than they were during the colder months.

Spring is the perfect time to use these pleasant temperature changes to your advantage, by harnessing a warm, positive outlook.

Get outside. Often.

Being outside naturally raises energy levels. In fact, spending time outdoors naturally raises vitamin D levels and increases the production of serotonin to the brain, both of which are natural mood boosters.

There are wonderful ways to enjoy being outside:

  • Having a picnic
  • Taking long walks
  • Napping outside
  • Taking work outside
  • Sitting at a table outside at your restaurant or coffee shop
  • Doing yard work

Focus on one power mantra. Use it daily.

Power mantras are positive affirmations that strongly resonate with your current life and aspirations. Pick one that resonates with you the most, and recite it daily for increased empowerment and motivation.

At a loss? Try one of these:

  • I am beautiful and healthy
  • I radiate light
  • I am good at my job
  • I am filled with gratitude for my wonderful life
  • I love myself unconditionally

Exercise your social muscle

Spring is wonderful at encouraging people to venture out of their caves, and into the world of social interaction. In addition, positive psychology studies have shown that individuals with close personal relationships live exponentially longer than those who do not.

That being said, use the spring time as inspiration to show up to events, join a club, or reconnect with friends you may have been neglecting during the colder months.

Find a novel spring-inspired activity

Spring is a fantastic excuse to try novel activities, especially those that happen outdoors. Activities such as hiking, boating, walking, outdoor yoga, and others are great ways to add some variety and spark to your life.

Pick one that you love, and focus on it this season.


Now tell me: what do you do to maintain a positive outlook in the spring?




4 thoughts on “Easy Ways to Generate a Positive Outlook This Spring

  1. Where I’m at right now, it’s starting to go into “winter”. It feels like spring weather to me back home though, so I’ve been hiking as often as possible. I recently went to a few awesome places and it really does make you feel like a new person.
    Thanks for your positive approach!

  2. During the warmer spring months, I love getting outdoors and enjoying the sunshine and beautiful scenery. I also purchase a few spring accessories and floral scented hand creams and lotions. It really gets me out of winter mode and way more lively.

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