4 Lessons Learned When I Quit Coffee for Good

ed hardy & splash one I

Photo Credit: Thomas via Flickr

I’ve been completely coffee free for about 2 months now, and boy has the time flown.

The main reason for this transition was to help aid skin problems – there is some research suggesting that stimulants worsen hormone balance and other skin-related issues – so as part of my natural skincare plan, I eliminated all stimulants (AKA coffee).

The transition was much easier than I expected. Despite the fact that I had been drinking one cup of coffee every morning for about 2 years, I hardly experienced any withdrawal symptoms. In fact, I actually loved the feeling of being off of caffeine.

I replaced my morning coffee with a cup of warm water with lemon, which has numerous health benefits, especially regarding the liver and healthy digestion.

After making the switch, I found that I learned quite a lot about my body:

“Crashes” are not part of the body’s natural eb and flow

After eliminating coffee, I thought I would become more tired. This was not the case, not even during the first week. While I did feel minor headaches the first week, I was not more tired. In fact, I found myself less tired throughout the day.

No longer did I experience late afternoon crashes, instead, I became more in tune with the naturally energy flows of my body.

The body possesses all the energy it needs to get through a full day…naturally

Before eliminating coffee, I would feel a huge surge of exhaustion in the late afternoon. I would even feel the need for a nap after work, or some other pick-me-up. After going coffee free, assuming I had enough sleep the night before, I was no longer yawning come 2pm, or having a hard time focusing during the last period of the day.

In addition, after getting home from work, I did not feel the need for a nap, either. I began to feel more in tune with natural energy ebs and flows.

The body has a loud voice…listen

Even though I’ve been at least moderately healthy ever since college, in recent months I’ve gone more extreme. During this healthy transition, and by eliminating stimulants, I’ve found that my body’s voice has become easier to hear. It has become much easier to feel what foods do not agree with my stomach and which ones do, as well as when my body needs more exercise, rest, or other natural aids.

Our bodies are highly adaptable miracles

If I’ve learned anything in the course of the past 2 months, it’s that our bodies are incredibly adaptable. So adaptable in fact, that people’s lives are changed every day from the simple act of living a healthy life.

Diseases are reversed, prevented, and dissolved. Moods and energy are heightened. Love grows. And above all, the body shows the amazing ability to heal itself…naturally.

As a side note: yes, I realize that I sound like a total hippy.


Thoughts? Are you a coffee drinker? Have you ever quit? Educate me!


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