A Natural Skincare Regime, Inside & Out


Photo credit: liz west via Flickr

“Let thy food be thy medicine.” –Hippocrates

I have to admit I’ve gone a little diet crazy in the last couple months.

But man, I have never felt better.

As I have written about recently, the main reason for my recent health rampage has been my struggle with skin problems on and off since the age of 11. After trying mainstream medicine for 12 years, I turned to natural healing.

I found that what worked was pinpointing acne from both the inside and out: focusing on inner health first and foremost, then finding natural ingredients that aided in my natural healing.

On the inside

Warm water with lemon first thing in the morning – This stimulates the liver. Within 10 minutes of drinking it, I poop. Sorry I’m not sorry for the obscenity in that sentence.

Daily green juice – I’ve been doing wheatgrass. Wonderful stuff!

Daily supplements

Fem rebalance herbal supplement by vitanica, with licorice root, chaste tree berry, maca root, and some other herbs, created to regulate female hormones.

Multi-vitamin for women’s health – This supplement includes a wide variety of vitamins and minerals that support female health. Regardless of what supplement you take, certain vitamins are generally harder to find in food form such as D, B spectrum (especially if you don’t eat animal products), zinc, folic acid and selenium. If you are having any health problems, you may want to consider taking supplements.

Spirulina tablets – Spirulina is an algae, that contains both high protein and valuable nutriets such as A, B-12, calcium, and iron. It also contains many enzymes and fatty acids, that help your body break down food during digestion.

6X week exercise – I do 3X a week of HIIT workouts and a small amount of lifting; on the other 3 days I go on a relaxed jog.

A raw greens component everyday – I’ve gotten into the habit of bringing raw salads to work. I feel lighter, and more energized throughout the work day.

Veggies, veggies, and more veggies; no processed food, no dairy or gluten, fish and eggs in moderation, lots of whole foods. I also hate to cook so – my secret is stirfrys. Lots of stirfrys. And baked sweet potatoes. Love me some sweet potatoes.

Positive mantras – I do believe that our words actualize our realities. The more negative words you speak, the more negative your reality becomes. Some of my favorites:

  • I am beautiful and healthy
  • I am filled with gratitude for my wonderful life

On the outside

Cleanser – I use raw honey as a cleanser 2X a day. It is not only cleansing, but also hydrating. Will work for any skin type. Manuka honey has the highest anti-bacterial properties so – if you have severe acne, you can consider manuka over your regular raw honey.

Toner – 1/2 apple cider vinegar & 1/2 water every evening. In the morning, I use an apple cider vinegar spot treatment on problem areas in the morning.

Moisturize – jojoba oil in the evenings. If I ever break out in a rash, I use coconut oil on it.

Special occasions – Sporadically, I use lemon juice on acne scars, exfoliate 1-2 X a week with a green tea/honey scrub.

That’s it! And listen, listen, listen to my body.


Peace n’ blessings! What do you do to maintain health and happiness on the inside and out?


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