24 Hours in Richmond, VA

Richmond, Virginia or RVA as it is lovingly called, is the capital of Virginia, and the 4th most populous city in VA. With a population of roughly 200,000, it boasts a medium size. It is only a short distance from Charlottesville, Newport News, and D.C., other popular areas in Virginia. Located right along the James River, it has a nice mix of city attractions and wildlife. More diverse than you might expect for a city it’s size, it has a growing gay community and a relatively diverse racial profile.

I traveled to Richmond with friends for a quick mini-trip, and from my short 1-day, I was pleasantly surprised by all Richmond had to offer.

The RVA Greek festival and Greek Orthodox Church

I have a lot of Greek heritage, so this was a prime attractor for me. The Greek festival happens every year, and provides lots of Greek food, Greek dancing, and Greek art vendors. The food was so-so, the dancing was wonderful, and the art was also wonderful.

photo 1

The festival also provided guided tours of the orthodox church which was beautiful:

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

photo 5


The next area of Richmond I located was Carytown – the quintessential city strip of Richmond – which offers everything from dining, to specialty shops, to nightlife. If you travel to Richmond, Carytown is a must! Parking is easy, with both street parking and a parking garage, and you can be sure there is something for everyone, regardless of the age or interest.

photo 1

Carytown even has some great vegetarian options in many restaurants, and a growing local food community. We were even stopped on the street by a representative from a company called Relay Foods, an organization that ships local food in your area directly to your doorstop. How cool?!

photo 2

Growing street art

The one element I was surprised at while visiting, was the growing artsy feel of some parts of the city. There is growing street art that seems to light up the whole city.

photo 3

photo 4


Although we did not stay in Richmond long enough to extensively review the nightlife portion of Richmond, we checked out a couple places recommended by locals.

Lamplighter Coffee Shop – this was a super cute hipster coffee shop with some great teas and coffees as well as a food menu. Had a super hippy artsy vibe. A short walk away from the street art, it makes for the perfect artsy afternoon.

Nacho Mamas – Don’t be fooled by the name – this place has some stelar margaritas and mexican food, with vegetarian options available.

Godfrey’s Nightclub – The local gay club, Godfrey’s, has a fun weekly drag show with entertainment for everyone. Drinks are not too expensive, either, and there is no cover charge. Fun fact: it also has a restaurant, with delicious brunch (so we heard).

Overall, the trip was a total success! Bucketlist for next time in RVA: check out the outdoorsy scene in Richmond; we heard fantastic things about Belle Isle and the area along the James.


Now tell me: have you ever been to RVA? Favorite perks?


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