No More Sunday Blues: Turn Your Sunday into a Funday

large_9329720961Photo credit: Nickay3111 via Flickr

“Sunday is the golden clasp that binds together the volume of the week.” –Henry Longfellow

A lot of people live their lives craving the weekend during the week, then once it is the weekend, they spend their valuable time dreading Sunday evening. And I have to admit, I used to be one of them. Particularly when I worked a horrible desk job.

Now I’m lucky enough to love my job, so I don’t dread the work week as much, but even after I changed jobs, it took some time to get there. I found that the key to turning your sunday back around is to treat it like another weekend “funday” and to find things to look forward to during the week.

Live Sunday like it’s your birthday

The author Shannon Kaiser has a wonderful philosophy: she recommends treating every day like it is your birthday; living every moment with that much ecstatic energy and enthusiasm. Why should we wait until our birthdays every year to celebrate our lives?

The time is now to celebrate our lives and live with enthusiasm. Fancy a hike? Go hike. Fancy a bubble bath? Give yourself a bubble bath. Feel like jumping into a hobby? Go ahead and jump. Feel like doing nothing? Lie in bed all day watching Gilmore Girls.

No to-do lists

A lot of people use Sundays to catch up on work or do chores. No no and no! Fall into this trap, and your sunday will be blue for sure.

Instead, why not carve out some time before you leave work on Friday to finish everything, and some time Saturday  morning or early Friday evening to get your chores or errands out of the way. That way, you can truly enjoy a full weekend.

Find a positive in the week ahead

No matter whether you love your job or hate it, there is a positive in your work week. Maybe it’s the smiling man who gives you your coffee, maybe it’s dinner or movie night with your roommate, or maybe it’s catching up with a family member or a friend.

Regardless, take a second Sunday evening to think about that one positive and look forward to it.

Plan something you love for the week ahead

Going along with the previous point, enjoying your Sunday is all about finding things to look forward to in the week ahead.

This time, take it one step further and plan something you love. If you love to socialize, plan a dinner date with your friend. If you love music, plan a music outing. You fill in the blank, and fill your weekend with passion and fun.

Mellow out Sunday evening

Our weekdays are often so hectic and busy, sometimes it’s nice to have at least a couple mellow hours over the weekend.

Kimberly McFarland wrote a great guest post on Exhilarated Living in which she mentions mellowing out on the weekends. She suggests turning your phone onto airplane mode around 8pm, going to bed early, journaling, and doing whatever chills you out. I couldn’t agree more – do you chill out listening to music? Reading? Journaling? Watching the sunset?

Take some time before you go to bed to get into zen mode, and see how it relaxes and calms you down for the week ahead.


Now tell me: how do you enjoy your sundays? 


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