My New Home: Williamsburg/Newport News, VA

The fun thing about moving cities (or towns) is that the beginning weeks are almost like traveling: so many new things to explore, see, and discover.

I recently made the treck from SW Virginia to Newport News, VA for a 1-year grad program. While I was a little adamant about moving from one small town to another, I have come to appreciate the perks Williamsburg has to offer.

I found that Williamsburg has a lot more going for it than I initially expected, and as you might expect, I’ve put my own positive spin on this town:

Water, water, and more water

When it comes to geography, I’m drawn to water. Always. I love being near bodies of water, and having the opportunity to walk or boat across it.

In Williamsburg, there are several bodies of water, namely The James river, The York river, and some ponds. Along the James, there are several places you can rent kayaks or other boats, as well as some swimming areas.

photo 1

Above: James River

My new evening running routine now consists of runs along the James, which I couldn’t be more thrilled about:

photo 4

The best of the waters: The York river

The York river is a river located in Yorktown, VA (no more than 15 minutes from Williamsburg), which has a nice mix of restaurants, beach, shopping, and swimming. You can take the colonial parkway from Williamsburg to Yorktown, which is a gorgeous scenic drive along the water into Yorktown.

My favorite place by far to date.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

Merchant Square

After first moving to Williamsburg, I was sure there wouldn’t be the shopping or community I was used to at my previous progressive college town. I was actually quite wrong!

Merchant square has a relatively large farmers market every saturday, with a nice mix of venders. In addition, there is shopping, a few restaurants, and live music during the summer.

photo 2

photo 3

Above: Merchant Square farmer’s market

The College of William & Mary

Thankfully, there is also a college in this town, which provides the culture associated with a school: plays, concerts, and lectures. This weekend, I went to Shakespeare’s 12th Night, and am looking forward to seeing the college’s Spring Awakening this following year.

In Newport News, there is also Christopher Newport University, which has additional cultural enrichment opportunities.

Overall, I’m excited to explore further what this area has to offer during my year-long stay. Now tell me: have you ever been to Williamsburg? Favorite attractions?


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