An Important Yoga Lesson


I had a moment of raw honesty recently. This is one thing I love about yoga: you can’t escape from yourself. Honesty flows unabashedly without even trying.

I had finished a 30 minute barre3 workout, and was turning to a 30 minute Yoga with Adriene video. As someone who loves the action of vinyasa flow yoga, I was caught by surprise when Adriene’s video was the complete opposite: nothing. I repeat: nothing. My first thought was, (sigh) “what am I going to get out of this workout??” What about improving my strength and flexibility? My hamstrings are sooo tight.

That’s when I realized I had fallen into a common western trap, a trap that focuses on results as opposed to enjoying the moment. Yoga is NOT about how loose your hamstrings are, or how strong your biceps are…no… yoga is about the complete union of mind/body/spirit. Non-judgmental observation of self and life.

I realized my yoga practice had gone a little off track. Instead of focusing on where I wanted to go, I needed to focus on appreciating now. It was a cold slap of humility, that reminded me what I really get out of yoga, and to please stop comparing myself to others.


Now tell me…what is a yoga lesson you’ve learned recently?



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